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Blog - 11 brands you should buy your holiday gifts from if you want to feel good about yourself

While the holidays should be a season of cheer and goodwill, the mass consumerism can leave people feeling a little disenchanted.

The ick factor gets even worse when you think about all the bloated corporate stockings you’ll be stuffing with the presents you buy from companies that don’t care about their employees, the community, or ethics.

Thanks to Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, you can rest assured you’re not supporting any corporate deviants by only shopping with companies that have the best reputations for doing good.

Corporate Responsibility Magazine scores 1,000 of the largest public US companies based on more than 300 data points gathered from publicly available information related to corporate responsibility. It then tallies the total scores in each of seven categories like philanthropy, human rights, employee relations, and environmental — and ranks the companies accordingly.