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Advantages to studying at home with UK Home College

We all have a certain level of commitments in our lives, and for many of us, those commitments mean we can’t afford to attend further education college, whether at home or abroad. However that should not stop us from accessing additional education if we feel we want to better ourselves. Nowadays most of us have sufficient access to the internet ...
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10 Ways to Become a Better Leader

How would you describe a strong leader? In one leadership study, qualities such as assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence and conscientiousness were cited as the most important. “Research clearly shows that transformational leaders – leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and develop followers – are better leaders,” explains psychologist and leadership expert Ronald E. Riggio. “They are more valued by ...
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Welcome to UK Home College

UK Home College is a Distance Learning and online college that specialises in e-learning. It aims to provide access to education to all those who could not pursue higher degrees due to personal reasons or time constraints. The college offers online degrees and distance educational courses to students all over the UK and around the world. UK home College offers ...
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