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Blog - It’s time the markets dabbed the brakes on electric car exuberance

It’s now a mainstream view that the internal combustion engine is yesterday’s technology. A trope has entered markets that “lithium is the new oil” as battery-operated vehicles will soon dominate the globe’s highways and byways – with the alkaline metal the big winner from this trend.

Lithium is an essential component in lithium-ion batteries. These rechargeable power packs are common in smartphones and laptops, but they have become the battery of choice for electric vehicle manufacturers. This has sent investors looking for ways to invest in lithium producers and suppliers of the basic components of the new battery technology – sending prices soaring.

It’s actually quite hard to invest in lithium directly, despite investors clamouring for exposure. Specialist traders can purchase the metal physically, but there are no lithium commodities exchanges out there. There are now calls for lithium…