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Blog - Letters: Tony Blair’s mission to reverse Brexit is an affront to democracy

SIR – Tony Blair has unveiled his plan to block Brexit. It is worth reminding him and others of his mindset that, whatever the rights and wrongs of holding the referendum, we did hold it. Only 53 MPs voted against doing so.

The referendum was clearly presented as a binding vote. The rules were clear and accepted: it was a winner-takes-all event, and the result would be honoured. Moreover, both sides had ample time to put their case and refute the claims of the other side.

Following the vote for Brexit, a huge majority of MPs voted to invoke Article 50. At the last election both major parties stood on a Brexit ticket – despite Labour’s confused position – and between them received 80 per cent of the vote.
per cent of the vote.

To stop Brexit before it has actually happened would be inherently dangerous to our governance, and profoundly undemocratic. Perhaps, once we have left, Mr Blair and his supporters should…