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Blog - Useful tips to help you study at home

It is none thing to decide to take on an online short course or a distance learning course, it is another to then find the time and create an environment conducive to self-discipline that will ensure you allow yourself sufficient time each week to do the work required to pass the course.

So here are some useful tips:

  • If you work hard during the day, give yourself a rest when you get home before you start studying, have a snack and clear your mind of the day’s toils.
  • Try and work at the same time every evening so it becomes easier to get into a routine and you get used to letting friends and family that at certain times of the evening, you are ‘unavailable’.
  • Don’t panic if one night you are running late or don’t have the usual spare time. If you can, do a little rather than nothing, and then don’t try and catch up the next night but instead just do a little extra over three or four nights. That way you won’t feel daunted if you fall slightly behind.
  • Take regular breaks. If you have the time to work for three hours, make sure you take at least one decent break in between – perhaps make yourself a light snack or a cup of tea to help you relax and switch off for a few minutes to give your mind a complete rest.
  • Give yourself a timetable that you can be reasonably expected to keep to. Set out a list of achievements for each week and cross them off as you go so that you have visual proof of what you are achieving. This will be a great motivator when you are feeling stressed!
  • Use your tutors. Online tutors are genuinely there to help you and you are not bothering them whenever you seek their advice or opinion.

    At UK Home College we are used to helping many of our students create a learning environment to fit in around their lives, so if you need any help with your studying, don’t be afraid to give us a call.