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About Us

About Us

The UK Home College is widely recognised as one of the premier institutions amongst online and distance educational centres in the country. We offer highly valuable and industry-ready courses that can help you gain and update your skills and knowledge. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home, at the time that you feel is best for you. Learning at a place that helps nurture critical thinking and innovative analysis makes knowledge stand out from just studying and we strive to give our students just that.

Providing new perspectives

Our courses are centred around the main branches of Business management, Hotel management, Travel and Tourism, Marketing, Health care and Computing. By providing the absolute latest developments as part of our course material, we give our students a chance to develop new perspectives in these fields. Along with these, there is an environment created by giving the students a nurturing community with quality teaching and resources that help our students manage their time effectively.

The courses we provide, are carefully designed, with the aim of making them detailed and readily applicable to real-life situations. We at the UK Home College, believe it to be important as most of our students are already employed, either part-time or full time. Since most students take up additional qualifications with career development in mind, our programmes are closely tied with various industries, providing an apt platform for them to grow further.

Distance and online learning do not mean that the students will have to fend for themselves. At UK Home College we always have tutors available for our students. Our assessment of the students goes well beyond just the examinations, in fact, similar to our teaching methods, our assessment methods are intuitive and based on the latest technology that we are continually pioneering.

Courses offered at the UK Home College

 Business and Strategic management

◦ Diploma, Graduate and Post Graduate Diplomas in Management
◦ Certification courses in Management

 Health and social care

◦ Diploma in healthcare management
◦ Certification in healthcare management
◦ Certification in international healthcare policy
◦ Certification in health and social care
◦ Award in dementia awareness

 Computing

◦ Diploma in computing

 Finance

◦ Certification in Finance for strategic managers
◦ Award for managing finance in the public sector
◦ Award in financial decision making

 Marketing

◦ Diploma and graduate diploma in marketing

 Short courses

◦ Awards and certification courses that are pointed at management strategy and research.