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Universities are failing to deliver the workers businesses need

It felt like a make-or-break moment for millions of 18-year-olds last week, as they collected grades that determined whether or not they had obtained a university place. Over the next few weeks, thousands will be shuffled through the clearing process, matching up students without a place to universities with slots to spare. For the students going through it, the process ...
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Students can get an A with almost half the questions wrong in new ‘tougher’ A-levels, leak reveals

Got a question about A-level results or you’re not sure what to do next? Today, the Telegraph is hosting a special results day Q&A between 12pm and 2pm. If you’ve got a question, drop it at the bottom of the Q&A article page, join us for the live session, or email Students can get almost half of the questions wrong and still get ...
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Turning down university was the best decision I made

‘What are you going to study at university?” This was the presumptuous question I faced countless times last year and each time a person asked me, they were often left surprised by my response. I knew from an early age that university wasn’t for me. I couldn’t picture myself studying full time for another three years, and the thought of ...
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How to decide what to do after GCSEs

Armed with your GCSE results, at last you’re in a position to decide on your next step. Should you carry on into the sixth form and study for A-levels? If so, what A-levels should you be doing? If your GCSE results were disappointing, should you be retaking? Most students who have decided to continue into sixth form will have provisionally ...
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Adulting? I missed school the day they taught us how to be a grown-up

Soon, it will be a year since I last had an alcoholic drink. Getting sober has much to recommend it: a clear head; no hangovers; sparkling eyes; renewed energy; the realisation that nobody has ever woken up in the morning and thought: “Oooh, I wish I’d had some booze last night…” But it is not all good news. Climbing onto ...
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Excluded pupils ‘abandoned by schools’

Too many pupils are being pushed out of mainstream classes in England and abandoned with an inadequate education, says a report from MPs. The education select committee warns of a “Wild West” approach to the education provided for pupils who have been excluded from school. There were also concerns about schools removing pupils to boost their position in league tables. ...
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Exam boards police social media in cheating crackdown

UK exam boards have set up dedicated teams to monitor social media as part of moves to clamp down on cheating. A “huge amount” of time and effort is spent looking for signs and indications of malpractice in exams online, the heads of exam boards have said. The comments came as the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) – which represents ...
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Millions of families ‘worse off’ than 15 years ago

Millions of “just about managing” families are no better off today than those in 2003, new research from the Resolution Foundation indicates. The remarkable income stagnation for so many reveals that the economy has been failing to generate income for people over many years despite record levels of people in work. In 2003, households on the lower half of incomes ...
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Religious education ‘vital for diversity’

Religious education is more vital than ever in an increasingly diverse society and needs a higher status, says former home secretary Charles Clarke. Mr Clarke is co-author of a report calling for better religious education in school and a widening of the subject to include “beliefs and values”. The report argues that assemblies should no longer be expected to have ...
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Rural living keeps the mind sharp into old age, new study finds

Living in the countryside preserves people’s cognitive powers as they get older, a new study has found. A ten-year analysis of more 6,500 people living in the UK showed mental decline was slower among those who lived in villages and rural neighbourhoods. Scientists believe an absence of pollution, a more active lifestyle and reduced noise and stress all contribute to ...
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