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French Muslim student Maryam Pougetoux hits back over headscarf claims

A French student union leader who has been accused by ministers of using her headscarf for political gain has hit back, calling the claims “pathetic”. France’s interior minister has personally criticised Maryam Pougetoux, who is Muslim, for being interviewed while wearing her headscarf. “It’s my faith,” the student told Buzzfeed News, adding: “[My hijab] has no political function.” Ms Pougetoux, ...
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A ‘people’s vote’ on the Brexit deal would be a disaster – for one simple reason

Think politics is in a mess? Believe it or not, it could be worse. Far worse. A group of Remainers are demanding what they call a “people’s vote” on the final Brexit deal. Imagine, for the sake of argument, that the Prime Minister consented. What would the ballot paper say? Perhaps it would give us only two options: either “Endorse ...
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Cambridge University students demand lower burden of proof for sex crimes

Cambridge University is considering lowering burden of proof for disciplinary cases, after claims that sexual predators are getting away with their crimes. Students complained that the current system “actively discourages” survivors and victims of sexual assault from coming forward, while implying that perpetrators are unlikely to face consequences from the university. Currently the university relies on the criminal standard of ...
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Teachers told not to ask classroom of children what they did at the weekend attempt to ‘poverty proof’ schools

Teachers have been told not to ask a classroom of children what they did at the weekend an attempt to “poverty proof” schools. Staff should not initiate group discussions about what activities pupils did during school holidays as this can lead to less well-off children feeling awkward and uncomfortable, according to the charity Children North East. Luke Bramhall, who leads ...
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‘Landmark’ childcare funding deal agreed

The Scottish government has struck a funding deal of almost £2bn with councils to fund a flagship policy to boost early learning and childcare. Ministers have pledged to increase free nursery provision from the current 600 hours to 1,140 by August 2020. But spending watchdog Audit Scotland warned in February of a “significant risk” that local authorities would not be ...
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15 iconic photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton as parents

Kate Middleton just gave birth to a baby boy — her third child with Prince William. The new baby, who is named Louis Arthur Charles, is fifth in line for the throne. Here’s a look at some of the parenting strategies Will and Kate have used while raising their first two children, George and Charlotte. Royal baby number three is ...
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Cambridge University introduces ‘flexible’ maths offers to encourage more girls to apply and boost diversity

Cambridge University is introducing “flexible” offers to students applying for Mathematics, in a bid to boost the number of female applicants. The move, which is being trialled by eleven colleges this autumn, is designed to limit the factors potentially deterring women from applying for the course. An offer to study Maths at Cambridge has previously been conditional on achieving at ...
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Origin of ‘six-inch mummy’ confirmed

Tests on a six-inch-long mummified skeleton from Chile confirm that it represents the remains of a newborn with multiple mutations in key genes. Despite being the size of a foetus, initial tests had suggested the bones were of a child aged six to eight. These highly unusual features prompted wild speculation about its origin. Now, DNA testing indicates that the ...
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National Offer Day: What to do if you fail to secure a place at secondary school

National Offer Day: What to do if you fail to secure a place at secondary school Ahead of National Offer Day, many parents will be asking the same question across the country: what can we do if our first choice application is rejected? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. In order to successfully reverse the decision, the journey through the ...
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National Offer Day: The ‘don’t panic!’ parents’ guide to not getting your first choice secondary school

The chemistry teacher dropped the paper on my desk as the bell sounded. “Keep trying, Lauren,” he smiled. I stared at the large letter ‘C’ scrawled in red at the top of the page. That letter was following me round school like a bad smell; from chemistry and history to Spanish and maths, it glared at me from the top ...
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