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Blog - Top 5 Reasons for taking UK distance learning courses

The Internet has brought education to the doorstep of anyone who has access to a PC and a landline. Considering education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give anyone, the incredible benefits new forms of learning have brought to the lives of millions is remarkable. So what are the five main reasons why anyone would consider online learning?

First there is the obvious answer. Distance. Not everyone can travel to a university or college while they study. However that should not be an obstacle to anyone who wants to further their education. Anyone who is determined enough to gain further qualifications, say in management, deserves to have access to all the benefits an online educational portal offering distance learning courses can offer.

The second answer is finance. It costs a lot of money to attend college or university, especially if you don’t have one on your doorstep. Often further education can mean relocating, and even travelling abroad, which can put a huge financial burden on any family. That in turn puts immense pressure on a student not to fail and can often spoil the learning process.

Third, there may be commitments. Perhaps you have to stay at home to look after relatives or need to work to support your family. Distance learning courses are not just for young students, they are for anyone of any age and anyone who is either unemployed or working full time – it does not matter. Your personal circumstances may have meant that you had to start working without progressing your further education as far as you wanted to.

Fourth, opportunities for promotion at work are passing you beyond other candidates who are better qualified are being promoted ahead of you, even though you may have been there longer. If you want to show your bosses at work just how committed you are to fulfilling your potential at work, completing a distance learning course is a great way of showing determination and desire to succeed.

Fifth, and finally, the doorway to even higher education. Certain colleges run distance learning courses that, once successfully completed, will allow you to go on to university or senior college. These courses help to bridge the gap in your learning and help to put you on a par with fellow students. There are a number of colleges which offer distance learning courses, but one of the best in the UK and London is UK Home College.